Providing the Services & Solutions to Help You Make a Difference

Traveling to provide aid to global communities comes with its own set of challenges. Humanitarian travel requires travelers to travel through multiple foreign countries to arrive at some of the world’s most remote locations, all while complying with numerous government regulations.

Focus on the mission ahead and leave the logistics to Atlas. Our Humanitarian Travel Management services cover the full spectrum of humanitarian travel needs:

Traveler Services

• 24/7 Assistance
• Short-Notice Travel Change Planning
• Risk Management Travel Alerts
• Mobile Access to Travel Information
• Visa/Passport Assistance
• Specialized Agent Team

Corporate Services

• Trip Request API
• 24/7 Access to Customized Reports
• Travel Policy Compliance Tracking
• Split Payment Capabilities
• Corporate Payment Account Implementation


• FAA & Humanitarian Validation
• Online & Agent Fund Allocation
• Multiple Itinerary Offers
• Compliance Reporting
• Audit-Friendly & Mobile Approval Technology

Why Atlas?

Atlas has proudly served humanitarian and 501c3 organization travelers since our inception in 1986. We have a deep understanding of the unique requirements that shape humanitarian travel.

Our humanitarian clients can take advantage of humanitarian fares on international travel. As one of only a few agencies to offer these specialty fares, Atlas considers this a major differentiator. Typically, these fares can produce as much as 35% lower airfare costs compared to the lowest available published fare, with limited restrictions and no baggage fees.

No matter where you go, when you travel with Atlas, you can count on Easier Travel and Better Management.