There is no better motivator than recognition.

Do you believe that a carefully crafted and creatively executed incentive program could be used to fire up your sales team or influence the buying patterns of your customers? If so, you've come to the right place. Implementing an incentive or recognition program not only produces bottom-line results, but it also encourages better behavior, loyalty, and teamwork.

For more than a decade, Atlas Travel Meetings & Incentives has proven that praise, unique awards, and continuous recognition are the most influential motivators on the planet. Here are the ways we are different from any other rewards & recognition resource providers...

Atlas can help you craft and communicate your incentive and recognition initiatives so that you can focus on getting business done. Providing challenging (but attainable) goals produces significantly better results than simply saying, "Do the best you can."

Continual Updates 
For an incentive or recognition program to work, the audience must be consistently and continually updated on the progress they're making toward achieving their goals. There's nothing like a little rivalry to spur on results. Atlas can help you provide creative updates your audience on a regular basis.

Desirable Rewards 
Aligning a desirable reward with the achievement of a goal increases the probability that the goal will be achieved. The operative word is "desirable." The more desirable the reward, the more dramatic the results. When an incentive program fizzles, poor reward selection is often the culprit. Atlas rewards are unparalleled in their desirability and flexibility.

Savvy managers understand that when it comes to providing effective recognition, personalization is key. Lack of personalization usually results in an act of recognition that is emotionally empty with little meaning. Atlas' Great Escape Awards are simply different. You will not find anything like them anywhere.

VIP Redemption Service 
Redeeming an incentive award should be a uniquely high-touch experience. Recognition from peers, and the experience of bringing that reward to life will leave an indelible impression on the winner. Each Great Escape Award recipient works one-on-one with our Award Services Coordinator to redeem their award. If they choose to travel, an experienced Atlas Vacations & Cruises travel consultant will take care of issuing airline tickets, booking accommodations, reserving car rentals or airport transfers, and arranging tours and activities. In addition, the Award Services Coordinator will arrange concierge-level activities such as tee times, spa appointments, theater tickets, restaurant reservations, and gift cards for shopping and dining sprees.

Should a recipient be unable to travel, their award can be redeemed for a wide variety of gift cards. Our team will help facilitate that transaction as well.