An incentive is only as good as its promotion. 

Motivation is based on clear communication of goals, rewards, and mileposts along the way. Participants are spurred on by the idea that they are still in the race. At the heart of every Great Escapes incentive program is a highly creative Promotion Campaign consisting of a series of web-based slideshows delivered via e-mail. 

A Promotion Campaign typically includes four components: 

The Teaser 
The teaser creates the needed buzz for a new incentive or recognition program. While not a necessary component, it often times sets the tone months ahead of the kick-off, which has proven to increase overall impact.

The Kick-Off 
Otherwise known as the Rules & Excitement piece, the kick-off provides the real details of the program and often times hints at the reward. The kick-off can be emailed or mailed as a printed booklet to their homes, and many times it’s presented at a company meeting for maximum impact.

The Scorecard / Leaderboard 
Regular updates allows participants to periodically monitor progress in achieving their goals. Whether to use Scorecards or Leaderboards depends on the type of program and the level of competition desired. A Scorecard is a personal view of one’s performance, whereas a Leaderboard is a ranking of the top performers. Updates to Scorecards and Leaderboards can be provided on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis depending on the length of your program or sales cycle, budget, and overall preference. Atlas can work with you to develop a communications strategy that works best. 

The Award / Announcement
One of the most proven motivators is public recognition. That’s why Atlas recommends an Announcement piece that highlights the top performers. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to thank all of the participants for their efforts. 

The cost of a web-based Promotion Campaign is based on the length of the qualification period, the frequency and complexity of updates, and not the size of the target audience.


Case Study - Arbella Insurance