You could travel fee-free!

For years, travel agents preached that developing a good travel policy was essential to control T&E costs. That's still true, but many customers have told us that the harder part is implementing a travel policy that employees will actually adhere to. With this in mind, Atlas Travel International went to work on designing a program to increase travel policy compliance.

The result is Travel Policy Plus, the first travel policy incentive program in the country.

Jennifer Murphy, Director of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events, has proven once again that "anything that can be measured can be improved." Atlas Travel recognizes that companies can enforce strict T&E policies to achieve savings, but it's our belief that a reward system will guide behavior to achieve more desired results.

Case Study
Travel Policy Plus was first introduced to our client, Fast Search, in March 2004. The company's objective was to increase the 7-day advance booking percentage. At the time Travel Policy Plus was implemented, the 7-day advance compliance rate was 30.30%. Over the next seven months, we managed to increase the compliance rate to 46.88%. The 16.58% differential translated into savings of $30,000!! Once the award costs ($7,000) and promotion costs ($3,600) were deducted, the net savings to Fast Search was $19,400!

Since then, Atlas Travelhas continued to work with our clients to find ways to save the company thousands of dollars while rewarding travelers in the process.

You Owe it To Your Bottom Line to Explore Travel Policy Plus!
Each Travel Policy Plus program is custom designed for the client, creating attainable reward levels and desirable rewards for their travelers to maximize compliance. The cost of the program is worked into the savings goal, so that there is no outlay of expense for Travel Policy Plus without a result.

Travel Policy Plus seems too good to be true.
Maybe, but it is true and your company can start saving even more on travel now by exploring this innovative program.

AtlasTravel is currently offering free travel policy assessments... there is no obligation, just potential for savings.