Customer Testimonials

Atlas consultant staff are always friendly and eager to support the customer! Easy to work with them! They understand our needs and government policies.


The support desk was great. I had to change my flight. I could not change for 24 hours. I had meetings all day. She said she would change it when it was time an call me back. That left me to concentrate on my work and not when it was time to change my flight. I wish I remembered her name. She called me back when all was taken care of. This agent was awesome.


Atlas has an excellent team and has helped me every single time!!! Rockstar status

I love working with Atlas Travel. Vicky Palmer and the other atlas agents are fantastic, always amazing customer service and helpful travel assistance! Thank you!


For nearly 12 years, I have worked with Atlas Travel for all my travel needs. Every travel consultant during that time has always provided superior service, guidance, honesty, advice coupled with friendliness and warmth. I have even used Atlas for my own travel needs, totally unrelated to work because I trust them that much. High praise is due for Atlas quality, expertise and professionalism!


The team at Atlas always goes above and beyond to try and accommodate all of the challenging requests we tend to throw their way! I always appreciate all of their hard work and it honestly is such a pleasure working with them!


Used the mobile app for last-minute trip. Excellent


Over 10 years of exceptional service ~ wouldn't trade ATLAS Travel for the world!!! xoxo


Love you guys! You're always there when I need you...and when I need when I need you, if that makes sense. We use Concur and that's the bulk of things but when there's a cancellation, a double-booking, etc, YOU are there to help me. Love it! Thanks!


Every agent that has assisted me in my travel arrangements has performed excellently. I can honestly say having Atlas travel support in making business travel arrangements has been a great pleasure and a big plus in doing my job well.


I was at the Seattle airport, waiting for my Alaska Air 11 am flight, which both the board, and the Alaska app said was still on time. I got a call from Atlas, telling me my flight had been cancelled, and she had already explored other options...I was booked on another flight within minutes. There were hundreds of people in line to re-book flights, as many had been cancelled. Atlas made my life so much easier. It was a great experience.


It is a pleasure dealing with Atlas staff. They are so knowledgeable and so helpful. They are fast and efficient and accommodate every request! Great work Atlas !!!


I have always experienced only the highest degree of professionalism, courtesy, expertise and understanding when working with Atlas. I have even used them for my personal travel because I value their ability to handle travel arrangements so efficiently, quickly, completely. Kudos to all the staff who work with Ariel Group!


Atlas consultant staff are always friendly and eager to support the customer! Easy to work with them! They understand our needs and government policies.


Consultant experience has been wonderful. I have had 2 very recent situations of last minute flight changes, both were handled professionally and extremely quickly. Life savers when you're on the road!


I have worked in many jobs that require time-sensitive booking - Dee is the best person I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She goes above and beyond and keeps track of our personnel's travel like it's her own. So. Impressed.


The updated text messages to inform of which gates my connections are at are extremely helpful and appreciated! Thank you all so much for all that you do for your travelers!


I really have nothing to say about my travel experience except the following:

Fast, courteous, accurate, budget conscious, thoughtful, and engaging.

I can be hard to deal with as my mind travels faster than most people can follow, Eileen can anticipate my needs based on profiles and past experience which reduces the time I spend making arrangements. This seemingly simple task ( yeah right) is what saves me time, energy, and frustration which allows me the ability to save my company money by doing what I do best. Eileen is professional, understanding, creative, and makes travel arrangements fun, yes I said fun. Hard to believe? I agree but Eileen does.

I am confident when I travel which translates to confidence in my career. It may seem a strange parallel until you are on the road without that confidence, it makes for an exhausting trip. Eileen is amazing, there is no one better in the business in my opinion albeit all Atlas employees are fantastic, it is just that Eileen shines just that much brighter.


There is no real word in the English language that describes the level of professionalism, fortitude, depth of knowledge, ability to work around obstacles, pleasant to work with, and has not dropped one reservation in over three years of working with her, so, all of the words above will have to suffice until this word is created. I will however add two words as it pertains to me personally as a traveller "Absolutely Invaluable"


Our experience with Atlas in booking our extensive company travel has been superior. All of the agents always provide us with top-notch service. We especially would like to give a special thank to Johanna, who we mostly work with, that gives us the most excellent service we could ask for.


We decided to end our trip early and go home the day before expected. Our agent (Dixie) did a great job in re-booking us and cancelling the hotel. In addition to responding to my email requests, she called me while I was at the airport to make sure everything was OK. It was excellent to have her making sure we had what we needed to get home!


As always the customer service at Atlas was incredible. My schedule changes quite a bit and I am sure that I have inconvenienced Atlas associates at certain times. Atlas representatives are always congenial and a pleasure to work with. It is always a great experience working with Atlas. To date, Atlas sets the bar for me on what customer service should look like. Thank you!


Throughout all my interactions with Atlas Travel, the travel consultant service has consistently been outstanding.  Johanna Panich is my assigned Travel Consultant and I am very happy with the excellent quality service I always receive.


I like the online booking but it is always nice to talk to an agent when you have a special request. United sent me a text saying my return flight will be delayed over 2 hours. I called the United 1K desk and they said all the earlier flights were full. I called Atlas and spoke to Lori Schlosser to see if she can get me on an earlier flight. She explored several options for me. Lori did a AWESOME job getting me on an earlier UA flight without any airline fees (using my UA 1K) status. Lori is a perfect example of the professionalism exemplified by the Atlas Travel Agents. Our team travels every week and all the travel agent we deal with are Great. Please thank Lori for all her hard work with helping our Team.


Excellent online portal and customer service, I always received the best support and response from atlas team. Thank you so much for the entire team making my travels easy.


As Executive Assistant for Watts Water Technologies/HF scientific, I use Atlas and Cliqbook often.  My experience with both have been nothing but 'Excellent'.  Thank you.


Beverly was absolutely amazing. I spent a long night in the Chicago airport and had lost my phone. My flight was cancelled. I  borrowed someones to call Atlas late at night.  She found me a hotel and  a new flight the next morning even though American was quoting flights 24 hours later.  She even called me at my hotel to make sure I got  there alright.  I have never had such wonderful service.


I just wanted to give you an update on how business has been going since CCC transitioned its corporate travel business to Atlas in August - FANTASTIC! Barbara has been the supportive and personal-touch agent we always dreamed of! From giving us numerous and efficient options for group travel, working one-on-one with travelers to arrange trips, checking in on weather and delay situations (just yesterday! snow!) to completely hand-holding a couple of international travel crises during her own weekend hours - she has been an incredible source of service for CCC. Plus she is a delight to speak to on the phone!

Additionally, Laurie has been a rock! Her steadfast and thorough attention throughout the entire process of transition, reservation transfers, training, travel policy fine-tuning, price pursuit and now online migration is amazing. It truly benefits us and our company to work with an individual that we have so much faith and trust in - we know she is looking out for CCC's best interest and can provide frank and constructive feedback to all of our various requests! CCC is in great hands with Laurie.

We look forward to working with both Barbara and Laurie as well as Marguerite and Kathy during the next few weeks as we migrate our travelers to the online portal. Based on the past two months of excellent agency support, expectations are high for a smooth "trip!"


Anytime that I have to make any travel arrangements, I am treated with the utmost respect. And there have been times that it was several reservations at a time and the Atlas team would have patience with me. There have been times that I would put Atlas on hold just to check and make sure the reservations that I had made were alright with the traveler. The people that serve me in Atlas are always on top on their jobs, they 
know how to get the job done on a timely basis.


I am the Director of our security team and oversee key components of emergencies and crisis response. On more than one occasion - specifically the latest attempted coup in Turkey - your team was great. A full and equal partner in this: turning around flights, reservations and evacuating individuals. Many many thanks. Craig Moyer, in particular, was on duty that night and a huge help in taking both stock and action.


Atlas agents are always quick to respond, have quick answers and are always willing to look for multiple options, which I like. The other night I was in a bind and needed info on a possible different flight. They were able to tell me which gate that flight was at, as well as book a rental car for me at a different location! Thanks Atlas, you saved me that night!!!


Atlas has assisted me in so many ways. I'm happy we're partners and work together. The best aspect are the live representatives that offer knowledge and assistance - they are fantastic.


I've been in this business for a long time and I just wanted to let you know what a great group of people you have. I think the implementation of the TechTarget business went as perfect as perfect could be. I applaud you and your staff on a job very well done. Agency switches can be such a nightmare and we really didn't have any notable issues.

We sometimes only reach out when things are bad, but if I've learned anything over my years, we need to reach out when things are good. Everyone on your staff has been pleasant, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, responsive and just plain nice. As a Travel Manager, having an agency that has smart and good people will set you above the rest. People like Kerin; well I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful she is. She's just a great human regardless of what she does for work (however, she's one of the smartest women I know) and having her as part of your staff is a testament to you. Mimi has always been available, responsive and concerned no matter what the circumstance. Not quite what I've seen in the past with other TMC's with people who hold her position. Ted - well, all I can say is that he is just a joy to work with. He knows his stuff and even if he doesn't know the answer (which is not very often) he goes out of his way to get it.

He's so responsive, sometimes answering my emails on weekends and late in the evenings. I will miss working with him. Lynn, she has been awesome to work with. She's a go getter and always gets the job done, and if I might add, she's very funny!

Tish has been outstanding in her role as the Cliqbook expert. Always there to help tweak the system if needed or find out why the airlines do what they do with distressed inventory! (It's so frustrating). Shannon is just the salt of the earth; honestly she is an outstanding agent and does everything with class. She's always so polite and I've never seen her sweat about anything. Nikki has been just as wonderful. I haven't gotten to know a lot of the other agents but Sue is great too. This email might sound mushy but I really mean all of it. Cindy was very helpful in getting us up and running and I thank her for all of her hard work prior to me arriving on the scene.

I'm sure you are proud of your staff; I know I would be if I had such a great group of people. This will set Atlas above the rest of the TMC's out there. You certainly have proved to me that you guys know what you're doing.


Sometimes we get very busy and forget to thank the people who make us look good and who help us get our jobs done day-to-day. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Ana is always on top of every detail of travel needs for my team. Sometimes it's the very small details like where they will get a quick shower at the airport before an international meeting, or if they have the proper Visa, or if they have a room, even though I've taken care of that months before for a large conference. It's that she asks and makes sure it's taken care of. She never seems bothered by my many e-mails or calls with detailed questions.

Ana makes me look good and I wanted to let you know I appreciate her professionalism and knowledge of the travel business, which is tough these days. I couldn't do this portion of my job without her and I hope I never have to.


Although we thought Egencia would be a lower cost alternative, it proved to not be true. In fact, our annual travel and administrative fees are less with Atlas than what they were with Egencia. In addition, once we started to require the use of agent assistance with Egencia, it became very clear they could not provide the level of service we required. Each call to the service center was to a new person with no knowledge of our account or the traveler's issue. During the travel disruption caused by the Iceland volcanic ash cloud we spent hours on hold with Egencia and had to repeat the story and process for each traveler every time we called; and many travelers required more than one call. It was very clear at this point that online services without good people and procedures backing them up, is costly and not very helpful.

We decided upon Atlas for their reputation and proven track record of service and the functionality of their online travel system. Travelers now have a very clear choice of using online services or calling an agent that has intimate knowledge of our company and travel policies. In addition, Atlas' fees have been lower that what we were paying at Egencia.


I constantly get great service with my travel arrangements regardless of the time the request is sent. The agents are personable, prompt and professional. Sometimes, my travel request are complicated, "trains, planes, automobiles, hotels" every detail is taken care of. Sometimes, I am making change requests while traveling and especially on these occasions, Atlas travel is flawless. Thank you


Three of our executives were flying from Albany with a stop in Chicago were bumped from their connecting flight. They called in a panic as it was spring break and they were not easily helped by the airline people at O'Hare. The situation was a bit confusing, but we later found out that these gentlemen were too late when they arrived at the gate and the gate agents gave away their seats. The story goes on and on...and affected their return trip as well. 

But what I want to tell you is how wonderful Diana was in helping to get these gentlemen to Phoenix and back. Diana had let us know that she would be out for a couple days - being proactive,  but I didn't remember the note that she so graciously sent. I just called her on her cell phone for help! 

She jumped right in and helped despite the fact that she shouldn't have been working at all!  It was very complicated... required a great deal of work, negotiation, pushing with the airlines, etc.  Diana solved their dilemma and did it with a smile and our best interest.. as well as the customers in mind. 

She was... and is always, very conscientious of our customer's experience and the costs for Connecting Point.  She took the lead and got these guys to contribute to the costs that were that I didn't have to ask. 

Diana is a special person.  Her skill, work ethic, dedication and commitment to us is so appreciated.  I just wanted you to know.


I am responsible for co-ordinating most of the travel for the ownership of this company and I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Wendy. She is attentive,accurate and always provides outstanding service. I always have 150% confidence in everything she does for us.