Business Intelligence

Our modules deliver powerful and actionable data analytics to optimize your company’s travel spend.

Fully customizable reporting, benchmarking and comprehensive dashboards are provided to Atlas Travel clients via our web-based reporting modules, developed by our sister company, Prime Numbers Technology.

Complete Travel Program Dashboards

Actionable Review Information

Powerfully Built Custom Reporting

Industry Benchmark Data

Prime Analytics

Unlock the power of data with Prime Analytics.

Our industry-leading data analytics engine, Prime Analytics, provides users with the ability to manage goals, maximize ROI, explore custom reports, manage suppliers and perform benchmark comparisons against an extensive database of companies of similar spend, industry and/or geography.

Advanced air contract analysis is available via Prime Sourcing, offering unique and dynamic capabilities to efficiently conduct sourcing activities. Whether comparing an existing contract to a proposal or performing a full-scale airline RFP, our tools and experienced vendor management teams supply unparalleled clarity, speed and insight – helping you save time and drive savings through focused negotiation.

Through superior data management, benchmarking and tools like Prime Insights, your Atlas Program Manager will work with you closely to identify opportunities for savings, examine changing needs and continuously evolve the success of your travel program. Regular reviews and delivery of scheduled dashboards, analytics and reports give you the critical data you need to make smart business decisions.

Global Data Consolidation Made Easy

Our reporting team works closely with your Atlas Travel Program Manager to implement data feeds from other travel agencies used in your global program, whether through Atlas’ affiliate program with BCD Travel, or via any other travel management company of your choosing, to consolidate all travel data into Prime Numbers – for full visibility into your global travel spend.

Comprehensive Information In One Place

Robust Metrics & Goal Tracking Analysis

Actionable Reporting & Benchmarks

Software Modules

-Foundation Modules-

  • Dashboard Reports

    View your complete travel program on one customized page

  • Insights

    Presentation builder used by Atlas Program Management to deliver powerful and actionable travel program reviews

  • Core Reporting

    Powerful, interactive pre-built & custom reports

  • Industry Statistics

    Comparison of spend by time period and industry sector or spend level, broken down by travel type

-Prime Analytics Modules-

  • Goals/ROI Analysis

    Company travel policy compliance and goal tracking

  • Benchmark Analysis

    Fare & benchmark comparisons across all data types, geography & corporate hierarchy

  • Vendor Analysis

    Vendor utilization & savings analysis

  • Dynamic Analysis

    Instantly filter and drill into any part of your travel booking data; advanced spend insight, market share breakdown, benchmark fare comparison and more

-Prime Sourcing Modules-

  • Contract Monitoring

    Contract analysis, performance monitoring & agreement utilization

  • Contract Modeling

    Powerful & instant vendor scenario modeling & impact analysis

-Additional Module Options-

  • Expense Analysis

    Integrate expense, credit card and travel management company data for total program costs & leakage analysis

  • Traveler Scorecard API

    Dynamic scorecard platform, delivering traveler benchmarking to points of sale & portal tools

  • Emburse SSO

    Single sign on for customers using Emburse Certify to connect instantly to Prime Numbers tools

The key insights and benchmark analytics that Prime Numbers provides allow our customers to gain deeper insights into all areas of their travel program to drive efficiency, reduce waste and achieve their business objectives more quickly.