Program Management

Our approach is to work collaboratively with clients to truly understand and exceed their travel programs goals.

Successful corporate travel program management begins with a savvy and experienced team who truly understands the goals of their clients.

At Atlas Travel, our pillars of excellence are the tools & resources used to achieve such objectives:

Traveler/Stakeholder Engagement

Listening to our clients to understand company goals and create a strong, compliant travel program that informs, motivates and satisfies their business travelers


Meeting our clients where they are to understand the culture to provide integrations that are more efficient, reduce costs and enhance their overall travel program

Analytics & Data Tracking

Taking a diagnostic approach to strategizing the type of data that clients need to track traveler compliance, behavior, vendor agreements and overall expense management

Spend Optimization

Looking at data of vendor agreements and existing relationships to create an effective strategy to optimize service, cost and/or traveler engagement, depending on your goals as an organization

Service Excellence

Delivering reporting, forecasting, vendor updates and security alerts that ensures our performance meets or exceeds industry standards

Delivering Value

Our Program Managers listen intently to your organization’s unique needs to provide the proven strategies and results that will exceed your company’s goals.

Our program managers deliver value.

Communication is so important and listening to our customer is key. We are forward thinking in our deep dive into all your data, allowing us to create the road map for success, complete with a strategy for controlling spend and employing technology to get there.

As many of our clients have locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom/Europe and beyond, Atlas Travel’s travel management program includes the services of our wholly-owned offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

Our United Kingdom office transacts in both British Pound and Euro, and our established Canadian travel agency partnership with TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) certified agents allows for effortless service and reporting in Canadian dollars.

Your Partners In Travel

Our Program Managers work to simplify your job, manage your company’s travel risk, reduce your program costs and ensure your travelers are well served through our strong commitment to service, comprehensive account analysis and long-standing supplier relationships

Thorough Understanding Of Your Goals

Strategically Designed Solutions

Data-Driven Program Optimization

Atlas Travel’s global travel management services include proprietary technology, customizable tools and the individualized support that our clients need to make better decisions, overcome business challenges and achieve goals.