Corporate Social Responsibility

At Atlas Travel, we champion ethics, human rights and environmental preservation across all aspects of our operations.

Our corporate social responsibility program centers itself around five major pillars, each designed to impact our communities in different ways and supported in our initiatives and actionable changes.


Charity and Community Aid

Our employee-run corporate social responsibility committee focuses on outreach and contributing to a healthier environment and the social well-being of our communities, customers and employees.


We give back to the places where our clients and employees live and work by providing support to charities and organizations locally and globally. We also strongly believe that community service invigorates the workplace as an opportunity for our employees to work together and interact outside of the office through team building and community betterment.


Integrity and Compliance


Atlas Travel believes in leading by example. Strong governance within our organization impacts the culture, behavior and business practices that benefit employees, customers and our society.

We believe in setting the highest standards of corporate governance and stakeholder engagement, including corporate codes of conduct and transparency. Our employee and client loyalty alike is partly due to our prominent reputation and authenticity in who we are and what we stand for. Our ethics are another way we define our operating culture.


Protection & Preservation

We are dedicated to reducing our impact on Mother Earth and believe that collectively, small changes can make a big difference for the health, wellness and survival of future generations.

Sustainability - CSR.

From our business travel sustainability reporting and analytics tools to our environmentally responsible supply chain partner and vendor relationships, it is important to us to do our part to protect our planet. We even hold our employees to our company standards through our Environmentally Friendly Home Office Practices guide, designed to educate our staff in ways to reduce waste and electricity usage in their home office.


People & Practices

Principles - CSR.

Integral to the impact of our corporate social responsibility policy and the heart of our workplace culture is the emphasis we place on our greatest asset: our employees.

Endeavoring to create a diverse and inclusive workplace community that supports equitable career growth to attract a wide variety of employees with different perspectives, skillsets and experiences, resulting in superior problem-solving, strategic thinking and decision making. Atlas values diversity, equity and inclusion as an important asset to showcase the differences in each of us that ultimately brings us all together.


Commitment to Excellence

Our outstanding customer retention rate speaks volumes about the quality and value of our products and expertise, as well as our forward-thinking innovation. We truly know our clients.

Service - CSR

Our holistic approach to our customer experience ensures we are exceeding the expectations of our diverse clientele’s business objectives. We pride ourselves on personalized and attentive strategic thinking that makes doing business with us easy and efficient. Outstanding service is a cornerstone to our success as a travel management company, and we are proud to have a team that finds it effortless to deliver.

Our Affiliations

As part of our efforts to achieve all our CSR goals, Atlas Travel is proud to be a member of numerous organizations seeking to do good by all stakeholders, our local communities and the global community.

B Corp Logo.

B Corp

As the only North American travel management company to have earned the prestigious Certified B Corporation accreditation, our goal is to continue to see these principles become inherent to the fabric of our corporate culture and inspire individual stewardship. B Corps are companies that voluntarily meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. To achieve this accreditation, Atlas went through a rigorous certification process, completing a comprehensive assessment of our company’s standards and impacts.

Protect All Children from Trafficking.


Atlas Travel is proud to be a member of PACT’s The Code initiative to further reinforce our stance in the fight against human trafficking. PACT brings companies from all different industries together to work towards ending human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. The Code initiative specifically provides resources to companies in the travel industry which detail how they can assist in the fight. In addition to policy creation and other company programs, we require our employees to participate in trainings on how they can spot potential red flags of human trafficking while carrying out their job duties.

CEO for Action and Diversity logo.

CEO Action For Diversity & Inclusion

Atlas Travel has signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge. As leaders, we recognize both the responsibility and opportunity we have to drive measurable action and meaningful change in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace through cultivating environments that support open dialogue on complex — and often difficult — conversations; implementing and expanding unconscious bias education and training; sharing best-known programs and initiatives — as well as those that have been unsuccessful; and engaging boards of directors when developing strategies.

Our Policies

Here at Atlas Travel, we have always believed that everyone we do business with deserves the same opportunity to contribute, collaborate and thrive. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy below was written with the commitment to a more equitable future and is open to review and updating.

Not only do we hold ourselves to a high standard, but we also hold the vendors and suppliers we do business with to the same standard as well. We integrate a Supplier Code of Ethics, which you may access below, into our business agreements to ensure that our suppliers are committed to doing right by our local and global communities.

Our Report

Leading by example, we seek to make these principles an inherent aspect of corporate culture and inspire similar stewardship industry-wide. Please review our 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility report, which details our work over the previous year.

We believe that social corporate responsibility initiatives highly benefit our employees, society and clients, our most important measures of Atlas Travel's success as a company!