Committed to excellence and proactive solutions, our leadership endeavors to meet the ever-changing needs of both traveler and travel manager, while optimizing solutions for our clients’ most challenging travel goals.

Our C-level management team presides over all companies within the Atlas Travel & Technology Group umbrella. Innovation and service expansion are at the forefront of our business developments.

Elaine Osgood CEO Atlas Travel.

Elaine Osgood

Chief Executive Officer

Atlas Travel & Technology Group

Lea Cahill President Atlas Travel.

Lea Cahill


Atlas Travel & Technology Group

John Hannon CFO Atlas Travel.

John Hannon

Chief Financial Officer

Atlas Travel & Technology Group

Melissa Pride-Fahs CMO Atlas Travel.

Melissa Pride-Fahs

Chief Marketing Officer

Atlas Travel & Technology Group

Dan Reagan CTO Atlas Travel.

Dan Reagan

Chief Technology Officer

Atlas Travel & Technology Group

Simon Brown VP_UK.

Simon Brown

General Manager

Atlas Travel & Technology LTD

Mimi Cleary VP Supplier Relations.

Mimi Cleary

VP Supplier Relations & Strategic Sourcing

Atlas Travel

Cheri Lamont VP Front Office Operations, Atlas Travel.

Cheri Lamont

VP Front Office Operations

Atlas Travel

Kerin McKinnon, VP, Business Development.

Kerin McKinnon

VP Business Development

Atlas Travel

Theresa Ryan VP Program Management, Atlas Travel.

Theresa Ryan

VP Program Management

Atlas Travel

Sharon Sorensen VP Corporate Programs, Atlas Travel.

Sharon Sorensen

VP Corporate Programs

Atlas Travel

The drive to build on our success and excellence as a travel management company stems from our Leadership's decades of industry and business expertise, as well as our commitment to a fulfilling and equitable workplace culture.


At Atlas Travel, true leadership begins at the top.