Sharon Sorensen VP Corporate Programs, Atlas Travel.

Sharon Sorensen

VP, Corporate Programs

Atlas Travel

Sharon has been with Atlas Travel since 2011 in both marketing and strategic roles. Her extensive knowledge of the corporate travel landscape spans nearly two decades and has made her a key driver of our program offerings and proposal processes. Sharon is responsible for managing and supporting the lifecycle of agreements for our customers and prospects within our portfolio, as well as evolving contracts to accommodate the ever-changing travel market. She is continuously seeking ways to identify new opportunities and implement improved efficiencies wherever possible.

Prior to her current position, Sharon held many different roles in the travel industry, including managing partner programs, steering multinational client expansion and providing support for all brand related initiatives including sales development, technology enhancements and acquisitions, internal and client communications, corporate events and marketing campaigns.

Sharon is an avid traveler and enjoys venturing to as many national parks as possible.