Dan Reagan,Chief Technology Officer.

Dan Reagan

Chief Technology Officer

Atlas Travel & Technology Group

As a member of the Executive Team at Atlas Travel & Technology Group (ATTG), Dan drives the technology behind the overall business strategy and ensures the continued development of an innovative, robust and secure information technology environment at the company. During the span of his career, Dan has been deeply involved in technology and the modeling of complex systems.

Prior to coming to ATTG, Dan worked as a Process Modeling and Analysis Engineer at Morgan Construction, where he gained a great deal of technical modeling experience, as well as programming knowledge that led into systems projects. Dan also worked at a division of BFGoodrich Aerospace that designed and built helicopter drivetrain analysis equipment, where he was responsible for technical analysis and computer modeling.

In 1998, Dan started at ATTG as the Director of Technological Infrastructure, growing to oversee security and compliance and, ultimately, to include the development arm of the group. Dan holds both a Bachelor of Science and MEng from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).