Easier Travel. Better Management.

Atlas Travel offers an extensive portfolio of travel services and strives each day to be an organization that is easy to engage and do business with.


We care more.

About people. About the planet. About being good humans.

Our commitment to world-changing corporate social responsibility is ingrained in our DNA, impacting how we think, service and interact with our customers.

  • Investing in Delta Air Lines’ “Flight to Net Zero!” to reduce carbon emissions and support sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) development and production
  • Giving back locally through charitable campaigns with United Way, Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Jimmy Fund, Homes For Our Troops and the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation
  • Partnerships with ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) & The Code, a multistakeholder initiative to bring awareness, provide tools, and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children

Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) women-owned organization, Atlas Travel is the only North American travel management company which holds a prestigious B Corp certification. Certified B Corporations seek to re-define corporate success with an emphasis on purposeful, positive impacts for all stakeholders; are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions not only on their shareholders, but on all their stakeholders including customers, employees, local and global communities and the environment.

We service more.

Our clients trust us because we really know them.


As a mid-size travel management company, our client needs are at the heart of everything we do and a driving force of our developing roadmap.

Atlas Travel’s Business Development and Program Management teams really know each account, as well as the unique business goals and challenges they face. Our forward-thinking strategy allows us to anticipate those needs and deliver comprehensive solutions that best optimize their travel program – and that our clients rely on.

Each year, we make improvements that positively impact the client experience on all levels of engagement. Our personalized approach delivers a “global reach with a personal touch” to ensure that each client always feels a strong connection with us and never like just another number, as with larger travel management companies.

We customize more.

One size fits all has never been who we are.

Atlas Travel’s rich investment in technology allows us to deliver higher caliber integrations with more options for program management, better data to make informed decisions by and an elevated level of customer service for both our customers and travelers.


Our API (Application Program Interface) technical infrastructure model allows our clients to streamline and reduce manual operations for all kinds of data transfer. Our in-house programmers have developed APIs for many functions previously performed manually, as well as improving functions that ran in an automated fashion using file transfer. Over the years, our efforts to standardize data management have allowed us to assemble a steadily expanding library of APIs.

Atlas Travel’s APIs are modern, more flexible and efficient ways to your hub to talk to our systems to tailor our clients’ travel programs to fit their needs, business objectives and information. Our dynamic ability and willingness to do specific customization – if that’s important to your goals – is highly regarded as a travel management company. We also work hard to accommodate requests even if it is something that has not yet been developed.

We analyze more.

No well-stewarded travel program was ever built on guessing.


Our innovation with Prime Numbers and (especially for the profiles and booking processes).

Experts at identifying travel process improvements and program efficiencies, we curate customized solutions into our development, ailored specifically to each of our clients’ business objectives.

We protect more.

Ethics, data integrity and security are at the forefront of our business excellence.

In today’s world, the availability of accurate threat intelligence is more important than ever before. Beyond the information, agile and reliable technology is crucial in delivering a risk management strategy. To ensure the safety of client information, we update our infrastructure and client computing systems to the maintain the latest technologies.


Privacy and security mandates for our partners and third-party contractors are consistently refreshed in our business agreements, as necessary. Integral policies and procedures, including Global Information Security Policy (GISP), Incident Response Plan (IRP), Clean Desk and Clear Screen documentation are reviewed to always reflect the latest standards.

Our third-party client privacy program management and assessment tool, TrustArc, addresses our privacy compliance, data protection vendor management and corporate social responsibility policy to ensure we withstand the highest regulatory scrutiny. Our Global Privacy Policy remains in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Privacy Shield annual certification and PCI DSS annual certification.

We diversify more.

The breadth of our client diversity speaks to our skillset as a travel management company.


Atlas Travel is proud of being well-versed in an expansive portfolio of clients. Our vast vertical integration provides for a wider variety of solutions, options and alternatives in terms of products and service offerings.

More industries trust us because of our proven success for all these reasons outlined – and more.

From technology, retail and government accounts to humanitarian and specialized healthcare and patient programs – and many more in between – we constantly strive for unparalleled excellence for our clients, and apparently, word has gotten out!

We aren’t trying to keep up.

We’re determined to lead  travel management standards, and it shows in everything we do, from problem-solving business challenges for clients to a simple email interaction.

So, while all of these reasons to work with us are about Atlas Travel, we are most proud of the fact that who we are to the core as a company directly benefits our clients the most.